Logo to Animation

Even if we continuously develop new updates for the DanceLogo tool, we already have some remarkable features that will help you make great logo animations fast and easy.

You don't need to have technical or design knowledge to benefit from the features below and achieve an animated brand identity that goes outside the box.

  1. Amazing Effects

    Amazing Effects

    You can choose from many video motion effects, like entrance, loop, or exit scenes, from simple to more complex, making your animations unique and remarkable.

  2. Animated Logo Example Animated Logo Example Animated Logo Example

    Animated Templates

    You can easily use any pre-made animation, customize it and instantly transform your static image into an animated one.

  3. Animated Gif file Animated WebP file

    as Animated Image

    You can use your animations made with DanceLogo as a regular image file, but now it would be animated. You can download your file in WebP (recommended) or GIF format.

  4. Animated Mp4 file Animated WebM file

    as Animated Video

    Download your animated logo as a WebM or MP4 file extension, and easily use it in your video production, YouTube channel, social media posting, etc.

  5. Deep learning optimization

    AI Optimization

    Is your logo image file low resolution or has a low quality?
    Don't worry. Render your animation in full size, and by using deep learning optimization & intelligent algorithms, we will automatically increase the quality of the resulting video animation.

  6. Hi-Resolution Render

    Hi-Resolution Render

    We will render your animations in high resolutions and multiple formats. You can easily use your animated logo on websites, video production materials, YouTube videos, social media, presentations, or promo videos.

  7. Animated Logo Example Animated Logo Example Animated Logo Example

    Custom Size Download

    We have you covered even if you need your animation to fit into your website, email, YouTube videos, banners, and video production. You can download your animated logo in any dimension, format, file extension, and quality.

  8. Background Removal

    Background Removal

    Does your logo image have a background, or your logo file extension doesn't support transparency? On upload, you can choose to remove your logo background automatically if you want that.

  9. Animation with transparent background

    Background Transparency

    Do you need to use your animated logo on your website, mobile apps, email, video production, or promo videos? Your animated files will work the same way as a PNG image with a transparent background.

  10. Animated Logo Example Animated Logo Example Animated Logo Example

    Custom Background

    You can choose the background of your animation between transparent bg, solid color, and a custom image background. Also, you can add a video file as a background for your animated logos.

  11. Animated Logo Example Animated Logo Example Animated Logo Example Above is the same effect
    with different speeds, delays & acceleration.

    11. Custom Video Motion

    You can easily change your video motion effect speed, acceleration, and delays while keeping the animating process easy to use. More custom values, like perspective, colors, and more, will be added soon.

See All Features in Action!

We wanted to make the animating process easy to use for anyone. In the same way, the final result of your animated logo must be unique and remarkable. With all the features above, you can achieve this.

Use the DanceLogo animation tool to animate your static images, downloadable in multiple animation aspect ratio formats (landscape, square, or portrait), different file extensions (video & animated image), on custom dimensions, and build an unforgettable brand dance.

Animate now!