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The following features are essential for you to achieve great animated logos quickly and easily.

By developing a unique software product, you come across a lot of unknown elements. Things may be more ambiguous in a startup due to the lack of resources, people, etc. As a small but mighty team, we hope to mark as done all the fantastic things we dream of for the DanceLogo tool.

You can check our about page to see how the dance started, and below, you will discover where we find ourselves and where we are heading to.

Where we find ourselves,
and where are we heading to?

Last roadmap update: 29 August 2022
  • Basic Effects

    Done You have access to over 500 intro (entrance), loop, outro (exit) simple effects. Some of them are Bounce, Flash, Fading, Sliding, Pulse, Shake, Swing, Fade, Flip, and more.

  • 2D Effects

    Partial done You already have access to a few 2D effects, but more amazing 2D video motions will surely come.

  • 3D Effects

    Partial done Building 3D effects is not an easy task, but we broke the ice with some examples. We constantly update our platform with more remarkable 3D effects.

  • Templates

    Partial done You can easily use any pre-made animated logo idea, customize it and instantly transform your logo into an animated one. Templates related to the new features we add to DanceLogo are evolving.

  • Event Effects

    Thinking about We are currently thinking of a strategy to build this kind of video effect in a quicker mode. Whether it is a company birthday, Christmas, or a Black-Friday sale, effects for this kind of event are on our roadmap. For sure, adding such effects will be a game-changer.

  • Download as WebP

    Done Downloading your animated logo as a WebP, you can use it as a regular image that perfectly fits your website, blog, emails, mobile apps, and more. Also, the WebP format keeps the transparency of the background.

  • Download as GIF

    Done You can download your animated logo as GIF. You can use it as an image, but keep in mind that the quality is lower than in Webp format, and the file size is significantly bigger. We recommend choosing the WebP format over the GIF.

  • Download as WebM

    Done You can download your animated logo as a WebM file to easily use it in your video production, YouTube channel, social media posting, etc.

  • Download as MP4

    Done MP4 is one of the most common video formats. You can download your animated logo as an MP4 file, but keep in mind that this file doesn't support background transparency.

  • Download as APNG

    In progress APNG has the same behavior as a PNG image file, only that it is an animated image.

  • Deep Learning Optimization

    Done Is your logo file low quality? Don't worry. We use intelligent algorithms that will increase your file quality so it will perfectly fit on high-resolution animations.

  • The Render Process

    Partial done We will render your animated logo in high resolutions and multiple formats. You can always use your animated logo on video productions, YouTube videos, social media, etc. We continuously try to improve the render process.

  • Multiple Size Download

    Done Even if you need your animated logo to fit into your website, email, YouTube videos, banners, video production, we got you covered. You can download your animated logo in any size, format, and quality.

  • Background Removal

    Done Does your logo have a background, or your logo file format doesn't support transparency? You can choose to remove your logo background automatically if you want it.

  • Background Transparency

    Done Do you need to use your animated logo on your website, mobile apps, email, video production, banners, etc.? Your animated logo will work the same as a PNG image with a transparent background.

  • Set a Color as Background

    Done You can add a custom color as a background for your animated logo.

  • Set Image as Background

    Done You can add a photo as a background for your animated logo.

  • Set Video as Background

    Partial done This option will enable you to set a video as a background for your animated logo.

  • Custom Acceleration

    Done This functionality gives the user the ability to change the effect acceleration. You can choose from a bunch of acceleration values and classes.

  • Custom Speed

    Done You can easily change the speed for each type of effect (intro, loop, and outro).

  • Custom Colors

    In progress This option will allow you to choose some colors in your logo's animation for specific shapes or icons.

  • Custom perspective

    In progress This feature will allow you to set up the perspective of 3D effects. Currently, the default perspective is 100% with the point of view position in the middle center.

  • Extra elements

    Thinking about Adding external animated elements will make your animated logo more appealing. Just imagine how it would be if you could add snowflakes, hears animated characters, or other playful elements into your animated logo.

  • AI Logo Decompose

    Thinking about Maybe it sounds science fiction, but we think we can decompose and break your logo into specific elements, like text letters, icons, colors, or any other characteristics that compose a logo. By doing this, the resulting logo animations will look more original and smooth.

  • MetaVerse Logo

    Thinking about Depending on the adoption of MetaVerse, for sure you want your company's presence there. We work to find a solution to easily add your animated logo to the metaverse ecosystem.

  • JS File

    Thinking about It will be a nice feature to have your animated logo as a JavaScript file. This download option will enable developers to embed your logo animation directly in your App via a small JavaScript piece of code.

  • New Products

    Thinking about By animating logos, for sure, we can transform other static elements. We can extend the range of animated visuals like banners, illustrations, images, etc.

Thoughts About the Future

Maybe the above features may sound unrealistic, but our progress until now will show you where you stand.

We don't want to give specific dates about the moment when a new future is going to come because there are a lot of variables that do not depend on us. The essential variable is YOU, the user behind the screen who uses our product to animate your brand. Only YOU can speed up things.

Last words but not least

Give DanceLogo a try and animate your logo to see how easy and fun it is! Start Now!