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The design & development
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My name is Alex Roznovat, and I'm the founder of DanceLogo. Don't imagine that it's a one-person "dance." I was helped by some fantastic people who believed and worked to launch this great project.

Alex Roznovat

Like any startup, we also have our own dance(story).

From childhood, my biggest struggle was: "How could I put my creativity in people's hands, not to be too early or too late?".

Along the time, my team and I launched many projects like GecoTemplates, TvChannelsFree, iJooX, Niuzer, Sunlize, and many more… Along with all these projects, we experienced both success and failures.

Our latest was PixTeller, an online tool where anyone can design his own images. Inside the PixTeller Editor, we added an animation tool that enables users to create their own video motions. From the PixTeller journey, we learned how difficult it is for the users, even for those who have design knowledge, to make animations.

Also, we got a lot of requests about how to animate the logos, and the most requested feature was to enable background transparency for animations. This is how we started DanceLogo.

Across developing DanceLogo, we encountered many technical and design challenges like having a transparent background for animated images and videos, how to catch a millisecond, even how hard it can be to create an effect.

Since we launched the beta version of DanceLogo, we got many positive outcomes, and we will do our best to move its technology further.

DanceLogo Team

We're here to
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Our promise to you

DanceLogo helps you make and expose your brand in an engaging, persuasive, and new inspiring way by transforming your logo image into an animation. We're simplifying, automating, and improving the animate process of your brand identity without taking away the authenticity, vision, and fun.

We know we are far from being perfect. Our promise to you is that we will continue the development of the product and technology itself, bringing our users better results and a smooth experience. We continuously improve the rendering process, design new effects, develop new features, etc.

Also, we wish to extend the easy to animate process from logos to other visual elements like banners, illustrations, metaverse objects, and more.

You can always stay in touch with our progress by checking our roadmap page, or if you have questions about our team, don't hesitate to contact us.

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