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DanceLogo is an online tool for making:
animated logos, animated icons, intro & outro videos, 3D video logos, and more...

Create memorable animations

Motion design is one of the leading trends nowadays. Animations of any type have become a core part of powerful design. Animated elements are applied for various UI components of a digital product and any other graphic material. We built DanceLogo online tool to make fabulous animated designs in a fast and easy way.

Below are only some examples of animations you can easily create online on DanceLogo:

Download as an animated image or video

An animated logo is a one-time investment that can significantly impact your business. Bellow, we will give you a few examples of where to use your animated logo, but for sure, we covered only a few of them:

  • WebP Download as WebP and use:

    • inside your Web or Mobile apps;
    • on websites, blogs, or online store header;

  • GIF Downloaded as GIF fits perfectly on:

    • your email or newsletter footer, header, signature;
    • inside websites, blogs, or online shops;

  • WebM Downloaded as WebM is perfect for:

    • any video production;
    • putting over advertising & promo videos;
    • sponsored posts.

  • MP4 Download as MP4 and use on:

    • social media posts;
    • YouTube videos or any other video platform;
    • sponsored posts.

Use your animation like never before

  1. WebApp Header Header menu
    Website ScreenShot
  2. Heartbeat Email ScreenShot
  3. DanceLogo animated symbol Animated image symbol
    inside website
    Website ScreenShot
  4. YouTube ScreenShot DanceLogo animated symbol
  5. DanceLogo animated symbol
    Animated GIF Loader
  6. YouTube ScreenShot
    DanceLogo animated symbol Use it as Intro Use it as Outro
  7. Video Editor ScreenShot
    DanceLogo animated symbol
  8. DanceLogo animated symbol
  1. Use in Website Header

    Add your animated logo on your website, blog, or online store header, and leave a memorable impression.

    Just download it as a WebP or GIF of the same size as your current static logo and use it as an animated image.

  2. Use in Your Emails

    Add your animated logo as your email signature, or use it on your newsletters and be an inspiration for others.

    Just download your animation as a GIF file in any dimension. Also, you can adjust your animation frame rate and quality for smaller file sizes.

  3. Use in Web & Mobile Apps

    Use your animated logo, animated icon, or animated symbol to your website, mobile app, blog, or online store the same way you add an image.

    Just download your animation as a WebP or GIF in the desired size, frame rate, and quality, and use it as any static image like PNG or JPG to impress your audience.

  4. Use as Animated Watermark

    Add your animated logo to your YouTube videos. You can put it over any video in the bottom-right corner.

    Just download it as a WebM video file that preserves animation background transparency and creates your video more professional and appealing.

  5. Use as GIF Loader

    Use your animated logo or icon as your web app loader by embedding it like any other static image.

    Just download your personalized loader as a GIF file in any size you want, and fit it on your web app as a preloader.

  6. Use as Intro or Outro

    Add your custom animated logo or icon at the beginning or at the end of your videos, no matter the format.

    Just download your high-resolution animation as a WebM or MP4 video and leave a memorable impression on your viewers.

  7. Use in Video Production

    Use your animated logo or icon on your videos. With a transparent background, you can use your custom animation inside any video content in any size and position.

    Just download it as a WebM high-resolution video file that preserves animation background transparency and use it with any video editor tool.

  8. Download in Any Size & Format

    Render your custom animation in high resolution, to download as WebP, GIF, WebM, or MP4 with no background in any size, frame rate, or quality to fit any needs.

    You have unlimited post-purchase changes if you need to change the background, effects, and more...

All DanceLogo animations are compatible with your: website, email, newsletter, blog, mobile app, online store, YouTube videos, TikTok, social media posts, videos ads, presentations, video editor tools, and more...

Unique animation ideas

Check some examples of pre-made animation ideas to make your logo dance.
You can easily copy the template video effect, customize it and instantly transform your business logo into an animated one.

Animation with transparent background

Animations with
transparent background

Do you need to use your animations on your website, mobile apps, email, video production, or promo videos?

Your animated files will work the same way as a PNG image with a transparent background.

Animated Logo Example Animated Logo Example Animated Logo Example

in any dimensions

We have you covered even if you need your animation to fit into your website, email, videos, ads, presentations, and more.

You can download your animated logo in any size, format, file extension, and quality.

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We      Love animations

We all love animations because they are catchy, but how hard it is to make them?

We built DanceLogo to make fabulous animated logos in a fast and easy way. You don't need to spend too much money, you don't need a skilled graphic animator, or a video motion expert to make your own unique animated elements.